FASCISM IN OUR TIMES – Sanjith srinivas.

As it is simple to understand the difference between the fascism and military dictatorship; unlike dictatorship where state controls people through force, in fascism people come up in large numbers to support the regime. Ofcourse obviously people’s mindset would be shaped through the propaganda, fake news factories are simply epitomizing the fascist propaganda.
Fascists always emerges in bourgeoisie democracy , whenever the economy is approaching crisis , fascists comes out to curtail working class consciousness, which will obviously escalated during crisis.
The futurist manifesto , clearly states about how fascism should function. It mainly emphasis on the past glory .Creates contradiction between the working classes ie., Jews and Germans(Nazi Germany), Jews and Arabs(Israel) , Buddhist and Hindus(Sri Lanka), Buddhist and Muslims(Sri Lanka), Hindus(obviously it is savarna dominated society were Dalits and Bahujans were extremely exploited than the minorities)and Muslims (India). It sharply dilutes the working class struggles.

Hitler , Mussolini, Francisco Franco , etc., came to power through the popular support. Even Hitler came to power through election not once but surprisingly twice. The fascism in our times has evolved into competitive populism. In short political parties comes with the populist policies which the opposition is not at all in the position to oppose it, they silently accepts it or just show opposition for the sake, tokenism. Here we need to assume parties as bourgeoise party, either comprador or regional.Thus fascism these days comes in the form of parliamentary democracy as a populism constructed on fake news, hatred, polarization, which obviously help capitalists and undermine the working class consciousness.
In Israel people are coming out in public sphere in support of genocide , India also , especially in cow belt masses haven majority voted for BJP which builds it Brahmanical patriarchal party structure on the basis of the Muslim hatred . The disgrace is a BJP woman leader (even though latter expelled )called up for mass rape of muslim women , they call up to boycott muslim shops, social distancing from muslims , in the name of love jihad they created islamophobia against inter religious marriages , they covertly practices the same thing on Dalits and Bahujans.
As the fascism is fantasize with culture and past glory , The revival of the working class literature , demonstrations of economic conditions of working class , celebrating working class art , which will definitely creates the positive energy and the gathering will strengthen the unity.
“ When the leadership has failed . Even so the leadership can and must be recreated among the masses . Masses are the rock on which the final victory of the revolution will be built”.
Rosa Luxumberg

“The development of fascism and fascist dictatorship assume different kind in different countries according to historical, social, economic conditions and to the national peculiarities and international position of the given countries.
-Dimitrov georgi

In Indian context, we need to approach national questions on the Marxist Leninist line. It challenges Hindi hegemony as Stalin categorically characterizes the nations to be built on common language, mental makeup, economic relations , territory.
Bund will always divide the working class people who live among common territory shares same economic relations and some what shares same culture and language , at least in social sphere . Bund identifies people just on their birth in particular race, caste etc, even though they live in same nation.Shivsena , Naam Thamizhar like parties does this job for Indian fascist state by segregating the people of same kind and creating artificial cultural division among them in said nation. This is anti- communist and pro establishment .

As lenin says its our job to find the right party we need to find correct party which works in Marxist -Leninist way !
“Pretence of a revolutionary program which is cleverly adapted to the interest and demand of large mass “
-Clara Zetkin , defines as character of fascism

As the Indian fascism tried to build nation on the Hindi ,Hindu, Hindutuva. which is questioned by many rational ideologues like Periyar, Phule , Ambedkar , Ayodhi dasa pandithar, Narayana guru and many.Which could not be found on Aryan philosophies.
Series of murders of the rationalists like Kalburge, Lankesh, Bansare,Dabolkar who just tried to revive the anti brahminical culture were murdered. Gauri Lankesh and kalburge just derived a conclusion that Lingayat is different from veer shivaite,. , as Lingayat which in doctrine Basavanna preaches equality. As the fascists want to built up nationality on the basis of varna system they just try to crookedly inculcate all the culture and paint the varna system upon it.
Dabolkar just fought against the superstition was murdered as those activities will simple rattle the people against brahminism, which is the root of this hindutuva fascism.
Aryan culture belittled the Dravidian culture and ill treated the people through caste system and holy texts they legitimise it.
In the Recent times facist states encourage the settlements around the areas which challenges the fascism. Eg. Sri lanka , Israel,etc.;

Even in India the budgets and government policies in education, job opportunities , business clearly shows how it favours the settlements. Eg. NEET , government jobs where North Indians were given opportunities to take the places of indigenous . As we already saw how north India functions as artery of Hindi hegemony.

As Fascism rides on people’s backwardness which this system as cultivated in them. Our job as a revolutionaries is to reach out people and expose this system, which has been imposed upon us just for exploitation , as Marx and Engels emphasized that even this jurisprudence is bourgeois jurisprudence. So people who are groomed under such a jurisprudence would naturally react according to bourgeois need. We need to be with them and explain left jurisprudence. As fascism uses past glory , Aryan culture, to veil the economic failure and deviate the moral outrage of working class we need to put upon the parallel culture which fascist cannot brag and cover their sinister exploitations.
As Tamil nationalism which altogether rejects capitalists economy though socialism and cultural supremacy of Aryans though Dravidian school of thought. Yes of course! This Dravidian philosophy prevents from being culturally exploited and naturally creates the consciousness of fellow human being, base of socialism. As we are coming across Brahmanical establishment’s cunning attitude towards non-savarnas.
The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but it is fear. – Gandhi
We need to inculcate cultural aspect to unite people and fight for Marxist cause of socialism.
Revolution is not an apple that falls , we need to make it happen- Che Guevara


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